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Jun 24, 2022

“In order to be okay in the world and to belong I need to be certain things. The ego tends to protect ourselves. We want to prove we are extraordinary, and we have to hide our weaknesses. Exploring ego touches on our sole identities and being able to speak about our identities.” Carole’s personal mastery journey helped her to reclaim my voice, her agency, her creativity, and her sense of confidence. Her cartoons and creative writing help her to share her thoughts. “I love helping people. I feel good about myself when I have the impression that I've been useful for somebody else. I'm not necessarily the one acting in the world. I don't have a team. I have my little enterprise. I feel that I can help by helping the people who are helping other people to change things in the world. I just love being in a relationship with people and understanding what they are doing and support them to unlock some of their limitations and unlock the potential. That's really what I love doing.” says Carole.