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Jun 2, 2022

“It's about how can we come together to do really good important things in this world " says Sharon Newport. Sharon has authored content, and provided consultation, expertise and facilitation across four continents supporting and inspiring cultural and strategic transformation. Through the experience of being in sync with each other, I am curious and passionate about what are we getting done together. It can be very simple, but quite broad such as Dignity and Love - how that does or does not show up in relationships, in work, in collaboration, in governance in a lot of different ways “ It starts with dignity and holding the dignity of oneself, and then standing in that to be able to show up in relationship and hold dignity as the key component to any relationship, even adversarial. And being able to honour the dignity of the relationship to help determine how the relationship grows or evolves, including the ones that are adversarial. How we navigate each other while always centering that dignity. And then the impacts of whatever that relationship is, changes what shows up in the world. Ultimately that is an act of love.