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Apr 26, 2023

Erin Randall elaborates on The Funky Monkey. Listening to Erin, the key considerations are: “Whose responsibility is it? How can I hold you accountable? What can you hold me accountable for’’? These questions can bring about alignment in our organisations in our teams and in our personal lives. Why do boundaries matter? Boundaries are essential to build and sustain healthy relationships, to make good neighbours and to act as anchor points for conversations and clarity. Erin is passionate about happy people doing happy works and brings a humble, playful and intelligent outlook to explore how the environments we create and the systems we design become places of impact and realisation of potential. Of particular importance is the difference between responsible and accountable. These differentiations bring clarity to how we want to work together, who is responsible for what and how we sit with discomfort in the system while finding a way through.