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Dec 23, 2021

We close 2021 with a podcast that made Paula and I laugh so much and learn so much. The amazing Max Ekesi, a superstar, shares with us the importance and impact of agile transformations.

Agile Transformations Max Ekesi is an Agile Transformational Leader at Paypal. Max is a problem solver and leads agile transformations. He is pragmatic, energetic, energising, bags of fun and a magnificent Chair. He leads transformations by working with agile mindsets.

Changing mindsets is the hardest thing to do. Agile coaches are guides through the change.

“If you want to be Netflix rather than Block buster. If you want to be Apple or Samsung rather than Nokia, it matters. You have to adapt to survive. We have to be nimble, agile, adaptive, because our customers need to continually get value and we have to adapt to their needs“ says Max.